February 2, 2018

Heart Month Contest

Want to win an AED for your community?

Tell us why it’s important to you! Sudden cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, anywhere and every minute that passes without the use of an AED lowers the patient’s chance of surviving by 7-10%. That’s why we’re focusing on spreading the word about the EHS AED Registry and encouraging current AED owners to register their device.

Does your child play sports or partake in recreational activities? Do you work-out at a local gym? Has someone you care about suffered from sudden cardiac arrest? There are many reasons why publicly accessible AEDs are important. An AED strengthens the “Chain of Survival”1 and can save lives.

Join the movement and help us increase the number of AEDS throughout the province by winning one for a location in your community! Share why it’s important to you online using the hashtag #SaveLivesNS or send via email to EHSAEDinfo@emci.ca.


Contest details:

How will a winner be determined?

  • A selection committee composed of EHS representatives will help determine a location in your community based on your recommendation and area of greatest need.

Can anyone participate?

  • Anyone who currently resides in Nova Scotia can participate in the contest.
  • Must be of minimum age requirement to open a social media account.

How many times can one person enter?

  • Any Nova Scotia resident may enter a total of one (1) time either by sharing on social media or through e-mail.

Social media entries (public)

  • In order to see your #SaveLivesNS post, your profile settings must be open and not set to private. Please check your account settings before entering the contest.

Emergency Health Services (EHS) is currently on the following social media platforms: Faceook, Twitter & Instagram.