Do I need to be certified in CPR and AED in order to register?

You do not need to be CPR and AED certified to be a part of the registry, although it is highly recommended.

If you assign yourself as an ‘inspector’, you will receive maintenance notifications to make sure the AED is ready to use should the unthinkable happen. This can be anyone within your organization or business and there is no requirement to know how to use or respond with the AED.

If you assign yourself as a ‘responder’, it is highly recommended that you are certified in CPR and AED, although it is not a requirement. The goal with this program is to decrease the time between a sudden cardiac arrest happening and the first shock delivered by a defibrillator. If you receive a notification to respond with an AED, there will be other bystanders at the scene of the cardiac arrest and it is possible that they will be trained in CPR and AED.